Mullins has experience to lead Aspen |

Mullins has experience to lead Aspen

The most immediate challenge facing Aspen is to get itself back on its feet after the departure of its city manager and assistant city manager. This departure should be seen as an opportunity to find a refreshingly new leadership team who regard Aspen as a leader in a global community who look to us for solutions on everything from climate change to affordable housing. This new leadership has to be completely transparent with its citizens to build trust and provide us with the hope that we can move forward in a more productive direction.

Proven by her respectful, thoughtful and patient acumen during her tenures on the Pitkin County Board of Health, Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, Historic Preservation Commission and City Council, Ann Mullins understands how Aspen functions better than anyone I know. She is a gyre of impassioned energy who has been through the trenches and is surfacing at the perfect time to take over the reins at City Hall.

Gyles Thornely