Mullins for Aspen City Council |

Mullins for Aspen City Council

Aspen excels in providing information, particularly during elections. So how did I decide to vote for Ann Mullins?

As with many of us, I diligently attempt to stay current through our newspapers (including letters to the editor such as this), radio, TV and forums. Ultimately, I must place my trust in persons who I feel have the characteristics and stamina to implement my core beliefs. They chose to put in the time/effort that I’m (perhaps selfishly) unable to forfeit.

Of all the current candidates for City Council, Ann Mullins deserves my utmost admiration. She diligently does her homework, she studiously weighs her decisions, she refrains from hyperbole, she graciously attempts to counter untrue attacks on her stances. And, yes, I believe it is important to have an intelligent, dedicated woman on the council.

Please join me in voting for incumbent Ann Mullins.

Jane Click