Mullins a steady hand for Aspen during volatile times

These are not normal times. Under the current national leadership, we have witnessed lying, racism, degradation of women and minorities, bullying, abuse of power, corruption, destroying of the environment — and they have been normalized.

Tone matters. We are currently living in a time that future generations will look back on in disbelief that we allowed our supposed “civilized society” to become so fractured by hate and tribalism.

In these unsure times, Ann Mullins is the experienced professional we need. As mayor, she will guide us to build a healthy community through her comprehensive understanding of land use codes to build carefully planned housing and development. She has an understanding of the backbone programs such as the historical preservation and the Stream Health and River Management plan. As mayor, she will be committed to keeping Aspen electric power 100 percent renewable and has served as a region-wide coordinator for work in clean energy.

Climate change is at the forefront of all of her decisions. As the adult in the room, Ann quietly gets things done. Her leadership style is always respectful.

I have known Ann for over 40 years, beginning when she was a ski bum and waitress when I was in high school. We called her Einstein Ann, known for her ability to solve any equation. She is still solving equations, just a little different set of reckonings.

Cast your vote in March for a future of knowledgeable and careful governance for Aspen. Vote Ann for mayor.

Ruth Brown