Mullins a clear choice for Aspen City Council |

Mullins a clear choice for Aspen City Council

Want to take action and have your voice heard on environmental issues? Then vote in the upcoming local election in May! And Ann Mullins for City Council is the clear choice as the environmental candidate. She can stand on her record.

Under Ann’s leadership, the council has made Aspen an leader in environmental issues, moving away from dependence on fossil fuels toward operating on renewable energy. Aspen was one of the first cities in the nation to operate on 100 percent renewable energy.

Ann also supported Aspen becoming one of the first cities in the nation to pass a resolution supporting a carbon fee and dividend policy — independent studies have proven that placing a price on carbon will create jobs, stimulate the economy, strengthen national security and save American lives, all while being one of the most effective means of addressing climate change.

Encouraged by the momentum, Ann continued working toward a broader sustainable energy plan by representing the city of Aspen in meetings with Holy Cross Electric, resulting in the company bringing online more renewable energy. She is highly respected, extremely knowledgeable and exceptionally trustworthy. Ann has quietly worked behind the scenes to make our community a role model for other cities and towns.

Ann knows how to act locally and think globally. A vote for her will insure that the new City Hall will operate on 100 percent renewable as well as the affordable housing and the Aspen Police Department buildings. And since climate change is the biggest crisis mankind has ever faced, Ann helped create the Climate Change Resiliency Plan, so that there might be some hope of surviving this crisis, at least for a few generations.

A vote for Ann is a vote for the environment. Vote Ann for Aspen!

Ruthie Brown