Mulcahy’s extortion continues

I read the article by Carolyn Sackariason concerning private negotiations between members of the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Board of Directors, county officials and Lee Mulcahy with increasing shock and disgust (“Aspen housing authority officials surprised by negotiations in pending eviction,” Jan. 31,

Over the four years that I dealt with Mr. Mulcahy and his never-ending attempts to negotiate despite the ongoing court case, we were told that the matter was “in the hands of the courts” and no one should discuss it. Now that he has had his full measure of justice at every level of the U.S. legal system, he is now trying to extort the system further.

Is this due to his threats to pull a “Ruby Ridge” rather than move out as he is legally bound to do? Last week the community was informed of the legal costs involved in processing this lawsuit. All of that money came out of the pockets of residents of Pitkin County.

Historically, one of the major concerns relating to the APCHA program has been enforcement. Over the last two years APCHA has taken major steps to improve this and to get residents in deed-restricted housing back into compliance.

Now, up jumps Mulcahy and tries to toss the entire enforcement program into the garbage. Even more concerning is that it looks like he is getting the support of certain members of the APCHA board. I urge all current residents of deed-restricted housing that have followed the rules and believe in the housing program to show up at the APCHA board meeting at 5 p.m. Wednesday to express their opinions concerning this matter.

Ron Erickson

Former APCHA chair