Mulcahy will free Aspen from big government’s clutch

On behalf of Lee Mulcahy, I would like to wish him well for running for Aspen mayor.

What has happened to Aspen in the past 10 minimum years is beyond comprehension in that big government has bypassed the little guy — the citizen. Those that have businesses in Aspen this past year have been held as sacrificial lambs, aka essential versus non-essential.

I’m sorry who made the city government god in that decision-making process. All businesses are essential to the owner and his or her family that depends on that business. Playing god and not allowing one business to operate while allowing big corporate Aspen Skiing Co. to operate with immunity is downright overreach.

Lee understands this as he has been held down by the neck under the foot of Skico control. How can anyone in Aspen’s city government, all of them, look anyone in the eye in that town with any sincerity that they care. They couldn’t care less that businesses have had to shutter.

Red Onion, an institution, closed. The now-mayor’s comments were “I had to hold my breath a little,“ hearing of that closure. What kind of leadership is that? That business went under. Where is the bailout? Where is the compassion?

When all of the town dries up under this current leadership, then maybe they will wise up. But we can’t wait for that. Enough with the lock downs. We are a free society only if we demand it. Vote for Lee Mulcahy.

Only if we demand it. Vote for Lee Mulcahy.

Denise Abrams