Open letter to Supreme Court justices |

Open letter to Supreme Court justices

To the justices of the Supreme Court,

In the past year I have spoken in the Public Comment portion of Aspen City Council, County Commissioners & APCHA numerous times about their refusal to give us a hearing after we missed a “critical”deadline. I have stated the facts and plead for mercy to no avail. I would like to present those points now.

There were numerous deadlines mandated by APCHA and interwoven in those time frames were personal, emotional, and life-changing events. My husband and Lee’s father was undergoing cancer treatment for leukemia after having beat five different cancers at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. Months of tests had occurred before Lee’s arrival on May 24, 2015 and my husband’s death the following Tuesday, May 26.

Since we had been there such an extended period, there was much to move and begin the drive to Dallas Fort Worth. On arrival, we discovered the house had flooded and it was in total chaos. There was insurance, contractors, and decisions to be made; within days all furnishings were sent to storage. It took 6 months to return to “normal.”

The graveside service was held near our farm and the property promptly went on the market that week. The realtor quickly informed us the place needed to be cleaned up; 35 years of accumulating ranch equipment needed to be sold. Items had to be identified, advertised and buyers met, an hour and a half drive from my home. This took much effort and many trips. My partner of 56 years gone unexpectedly. I had to lean on Lee.

In August, the humanitarian ministry my husband had established had its yearly trip to Kenya scheduled and there was much planning and organization to make that happen. In country, there were numerous meetings with Bomet Governor, Water Commissioner and staff to plan the next step for water distribution in Kapkesembe. A pipe line was added from the existing well to the medical dispensary to allow a second source for water for the community. Lee supervised the endeavor, there was a women’s conference held to train money-making skills, counseling was offered for alcohol/addictions and refurbished laptop computers from Aspen “cleaned” by Ward Hauenstein & Steve “the Mac Man” Elman that were distributed to local schools. Much effort and many dollars were spent to help our neighbors in Kenya (we all pay our own expenses and no money is used from the ministry.)

Each time I have spoken I have tried to convey the emotional upheaval we were experiencing and have simply asked for understanding, mercy and justice. None has been offered.

Sandy Mulcahy