Mulcahy made his own bed |

Mulcahy made his own bed

“I only know what I read in the papers,” begins Jeffrey Evans’ letter (“Mayor Mulcahy? Why not?,” March 30. 2017, The Aspen Times).

You continue, “A great big corporation called the Aspen Skiing Co., itself a mere side project of a far more massive financial empire,” and Mr. Mulcahy “a former ski instructor with only enough resources to obtain some professional editing services.”

Yes, the owners of Aspen Skiing Co. have many business holdings. A simple Google search will tell you that Henry Crown started Material Services in 1919 and later merged with engineering powerhouse General Dynamics. “General Dynamics Corp. is the world’s 5th largest aerospace and defense multinational corporation. The Crown family also owns a piece of the New York Yankees, Chicago Bulls, JP Morgan Chase, Hilton Hotels, Rockefeller Center and Aspen Skiing Co.” (Wikipedia)

From what I read in the papers, Skico had previous disciplinary issues with Mr. Mulcahy and he was eventually fired. Since none of us outside the human resources department of Skico will ever know, let’s Google “Mulcahy Ban.” Mr. Mulcahy is banned from Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority offices for “verbal assault and threats of physical violence” towards the director. He was also banned from the Aspen Institute for his “pitchfork and guns at your door” comment. How about the Aspen Art Museum ordeal … ban! Did you miss these articles, Mr. Evans? Mr. Mulcahy claims — or so I read — that all his troubles are because he is Republican and the Democratic judges, mayors, company owners, et al. are out to get him. Anyone else seeing a pattern here? Maybe he just acts like an ass a lot?

Hell, I’m an ass at times. I too was fired from Skico in 1999. Guess what? I deserved it! I was rehired in 2001, and find Skico to be a great company to work for, and I enjoy what I do. I also live in Carbondale where I am not under the rule of housing authority or HOAs. We all have choices and must learn to live with them.

There will always be big business, smarter and richer people than I/we. Ignorance of the law excuses no one, or “failure to respond to a legal notice in a timely manner” as you say, Jeffrey. We are not all winners (financially or competitively). Living in this valley is “winning” (Charlie Sheen). If you do not like it, move! Enjoy Aspen; don’t be an Asspen! The Constitution’s amendments exist because veterans fought wars to defend them with weapons supplied by military contractor companies! Ironic, yes?

John Norman


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