Mulcahy family treated unjustly by government

I have known the Mulcahys for many years at our church and as a member of the Africa Water Wells board. Their desire to help others in need, both spiritually and physically, is unquestionable. Bud Mulcahy’s vision for clean water in Kenya fueled a host of volunteers who used their own time and money to help our friends in Africa. Bud’s goals soon expanded to the establishment of a new school, medical assistance for the villagers, computers, women’s empowerment conferences, and Alcoholic Anonymous meetings and meeting places. Both Sandy and Lee were at his side in all of this.

Bud was not a novice in the field of construction. He had been a general contractor on three homes and on building renovations. He had a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas and had been instrumental in the fabrication and testing of space shuttle parts as well as components of the space suits. This required excellence of performance and adherence to schedules.

From the beginning there were attempts to hinder Bud’s ability to complete the family home in Aspen. As far back as 2012 he would tell me about the unrealistic demands that were meeting him at every turn as he built his home, demands related to both construction and schedules. After Bud could no longer work and after he passed, Lee continued the work he and his dad had begun. But the demands continued. Now there are even accusations being made against Lee that seek to defame his character.

The Mulcahy eviction story is a mystery. Questions that I have are: Why were there deliberate attempts to hinder the construction of this house from the beginning. Why so many roadblocks? Why are there attempts to have the Mulcahys surrender their home? To what lengths will this activity go to have them completely removed from the city (SWAT?)? And what is the real reason behind all of this?

Most of you that are reading this own your own home. Like you, I’m appalled that a city government would treat citizens in such a way. My prayer is not only for Lee, but for the citizens of Aspen. Because who knows who the city will go after next?

Jack Jackson

Arlington, Texas