Mulcahy family continues fight against APCHA |

Mulcahy family continues fight against APCHA

“America and China are alike.” — Ai Weiwei, recently honored at the Jerome.

“Aspen is North Korea.” — Lee Mulcahy.

Recently, we took over 2,000 signatures asking for a public hearing on our eviction to City Council contained here:

Thus far, our Big Government mayor, a Democrat, is attempting to deny his last sole opponent’s family (conservative Republicans) a hearing on our eviction despite this stunning fact: Three months after Lee missed the same exact deadline to request a hearing after a notice of violation from Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority, APCHA gave a hearing to a gentleman who had lived in Wisconsin for eight years and missed the exact same deadline. It’s all contained on pages 7 to 9 the May 2016 minutes on APCHA’s website here:

The local Aspen judge who denied us a public hearing was a member of the Aspen Institute’s Lester Crown Society of Fellows for over a decade (membership minimum donation is $2,500 annually). Aspen Skiing, the company that the Chicago billionaire owns, employs 4,000 people in a town of 7,000. More significantly, Mr. Lester Crown admitted (in the 1970s) to bribing public officials in Chicago where he resides.

Despite Lee being permanently banned from Skico on the day union fliers were distributed, all we’re asking for is equal treatment under the law — the same treatment APCHA gave to Wisconsinite Peter Gilman after APCHA sued us. Justice demands the mayor give us a public hearing. Why? To show the records APCHA refused to look at in October of 2015 after we returned from Kenya on a humanitarian mission.

Society, indeed civilization, is moved forward by conversation, compromise and peace.

Sandy and Lee Mulcahy