Mueller needs his head examined |

Mueller needs his head examined

The so-called Goldwater rule of psychiatric ethics prohibits diagnosing a person without direct, personal contact and application of standard diagnostic techniques. Yet 27 psychiatrists, none of whom ever met him, published a book in 2017 purporting to evaluate President Donald Trump’s mental state.

When will those same psychiatrists evaluate the obviously incompetent Robert Mueller?

On May 29, Mueller read a prepared statement while exhibiting the following indicia of dementia. Mueller repeatedly had difficultly pronouncing the words in the statement and often spoke haltingly. He didn’t seem to be familiar with the material even though he claimed he wrote it. Mueller had a long career in criminal justice but forgot it isn’t a prosecutor’s job to “exonerate” a suspect; rather either to indict or not. Mueller claimed he knew he couldn’t indict a sitting president (so his work as a prosecutor was futile) but spent two years and millions of dollars anyway. Mueller’s statement asserted it was applying the U.S. Constitution as interpreted by long standing Justice Department opinions, but it applied a vague non-constitutional standard of “misconduct” rather than “treason, scandal or high crimes.”

It’s time for the people in the white coats.

Maurice Emmer