Mounting evidence against fluoridation |

Mounting evidence against fluoridation

Mounting evidence against fluoridation

Aspen is an amazing place.

We have Nobel laureates present here. World-class athletes compete here. The best musicians perform here. World leaders participate in think tanks here.

Yet, with all of the enlightenment that the citizens are exposed to, the residents and leaders of Aspen choose to put a neurotoxin in our drinking water.

The Children’s Health Defense Fund recently published an article condemning artificial water fluoridation as “A Forced Experiment That Needs to End.”

Hundreds of dentists have signed a professional statement which calls for an end to fluoridation. Indeed, more dentists are questioning the practice. They realize that fluoride is a toxin that most people don’t need. There are safer alternatives.

A leading neuroscientist, Dr. David Bellinger, published a review “Environmental chemical exposures and neurodevelopmental impairments in children.” In his review he reaffirms the damage of fluoride to the nervous system and the impact it has to lower the IQ of children.

Leading neuroscientists are recognizing that doses of fluoride have the potential to lower the IQ in children. Government authorities and others ignore the most recent research.

Other health conditions — such as thyroid conditions, cancers and arthritis — are being linked to fluoride. More research is associating other metabolic diseases to environmental toxins.

There is nothing ethical or legitimate about adding a neurotoxin to public drinking water.

How much longer can such an enlightened town and its citizens consent and continue this hazardous practice?

In health …

Tom Lankering


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