Most people don’t want to be tracked, Skippy

Most people don’t want to be tracked, Skippy

Aspen’s self-appointed diversity chairman, who earlier in the year wanted to ensure only the “right people” be permitted to visit Aspen, now wants to monitor our lives and movements with phone apps. Skippy tells this everyone should find this acceptable, for he shares what he eats, when he sleeps, exercises “and every part of his life with the citizens of Aspen online.”

Mr. Mesirow, are you so arrogant to think anyone cares about the details of your personal life and bodily functions you share online? There are many of us that want privacy, anonymity, do not want to be monitored, tracked, categorized, labeled and or potentially discriminated.

Here’s an idea: Let’s put gold stars on the labels of those who are infected and make them congregate together in a ghetto. Here is a better idea taken from current day communist China: China has a “social credit” system. Every citizen gets a “ranking.” It’s like a credit score, but for social activities. In China you can be banned from buying an airline ticket or getting on a train if you have a low social score. A bad social score in China will also get you lower internet speeds and ban your kids from the best schools. Offenses that contribute to poor scores? Walking your dog without a leash, spreading fake news, not paying bills on time, frivolous purchases or postings on social media. Sound like a good plan to you, Skippy?

David Fields