More suitable locations for Ascendigo camp |

More suitable locations for Ascendigo camp

The Ascendigo development is certainly a worthy cause but threatens the future and well-being of residents living in Missouri Heights. With the growing threat of wildfires in Western Colorado, already taxed water resources in Missouri Heights could easily become over-stressed by this open-ended commercial development. The impact of adding an additional 450-plus cars a day onto Harmony Lane, the only dirt and gravel road leading to and from the camp, is another major warning sign this project is ill-suited for this proposed location.

Missouri Heights hosts sustained winds gusting from early spring through fall sometimes reaching 60 miles per hour. Any wildfire breaking out here would be unstoppable wrecking untold damage to the Ascendigo Camp and surrounding homeowners. Entering the 21st year of drought, Missouri Heights water supplies show signs of stress. Neighbors have had their wells go dry while other wells have been contaminated with sand, mud and silt. The mere idea of excavating lakes for summer recreational activities, permanently housing and providing water needs for 100-plus new residents, hosting fundraising events and conferences for as many as 250 people is delusional.

In reality, what Ascendigo is is exactly what Ascendigo says it is: A nonprofit, future-expanding corporate enterprise offering “adventure, camping and life enrichment services.”

For all the above reasons, Ascendigo belongs on the valley floor where paved county roads allow access for emergency responders, the removal from the harm from high-wind wildfire threats and access to plentiful water supplies that are readily available there. Please keep historic Missouri Heights out of the valley floor commercial development crush. As we all know, once you pave over it, it’s gone forever.

David Aguilar


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