More revenue streams for Carbondale pools |

More revenue streams for Carbondale pools

Oops, I goofed. In my recent letter I misstated the debt owed by the town of Carbondale (“Carbondale has higher priorities than new pools,” April 5, The Aspen Times). There is only one loan and that is the remaining financing on the town rec center. My bad.

However, now that the voters approved financing a new town pool, there is a further point to be made. There is an old tradition in small towns to take a thrifty approach to public facilities.

In my humble opinion, the local school district should be involved in a new public pool. One of the selling points of this pool proposal was teaching swimming to the local children. Why not do this in an organized way that is open to all students? But the kids are in school at times when the town pool is closed. This leads me to suggest a winter cover to allow winter swimming lessons and lap swimming. Next you have school swimming teams and racing. And don’t forget winter use for the seniors.

Extending the use of the pool should increase the revenue. Some sort of cost sharing can be done between the school district and the town. Fabric covers are frequently used over pools. I made a search and was “swamped” with email inquiries. The Snowmass Club had an inflated two-court “bubble” for years.

As climate change increases in severity, it becomes so important to conserve the public resources.

Patrick Hunter