More questions than answers with coronavirus |

More questions than answers with coronavirus

Americans need answers from our government and the medical industrial complex about the coronavirus. If you watch the major television networks, all of the interviews with VP Pence, CDC officials and media health experts, few if any are giving the American public any solid answers about what they are doing to solve this health crisis. I have no confidence in having Trump or Pence handle this situation. Despite their denials, Trump and Pence have muzzled government health officials to keep Americans in the dark and to protect their re-election.

America has all of these prestigious university health research clinics and prestigious research institutes. The World Health Organization (WHO) can be added to this list. I find it difficult to believe that none of these big-money research institutes cannot come up with at least a temporary drug or pill that can at least tone down the intensity of this virus. Where is all of our biotech industry? Maybe we don’t have one. The evidence is that 80% of our drugs come from China. Why? So Big Pharma can make more money.

We have to ask these questions. Is Big Pharma controlling this whole scenario so they can capitalize on billions in profits on a new anti-coronavirus drug? Are the FDA and CDC being influenced by Big Pharma to maximize their profit margin on this virus? Will the Wealthy 1% be the only Americans that afford the cure for the coronavirus?

The $8.3 billion in medical aid passed by Congress in the last few days needed to have Medicare-for-All as an emergency plan in it so the elderly and the poor can obtain the healing drugs to fight the coronavirus. It is time to forget politics and get something done immediately.

Let’s get some answers!

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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