More questions than answers regarding 5G in Aspen |

More questions than answers regarding 5G in Aspen

On Dec. 4, I attended the public forum at the limelight. My questions were related to the 5G rollout.

Question: Can installation be delayed until more studies are conducted regarding health concerns and the consistency of speed is remedied?

Answer: I was told that 4G cells would be installed first, then replaced with 5G cells.

Q: There is more than one cellular carrier in Aspen. Will each carrier have a 4G cell on each pole until the 5G cells are installed?

A: I was told four carriers have applied to install 5G in Aspen.

Q. Will only one carrier be selected and one 5G cell installed? Or will more than one carrier be selected, requiring multiple 5G cells on each pole? If there is more than one 5G cell at a location, will the RF radiation emitted be multiplied by the number of 5G cells on that pole?

A. That’s a good question.

Q. Will the city of Aspen petition the state to keep 5G out of residential areas like Mill Valley, California, did? Mill Valley enacted an urgency ordinance to block 5G towers in its residential areas. The legislation allows authorities to enact regulations affecting the health and safety of residents. San Anselmo and Ross have already adapted similar ordinances.

A. No, the legislation in Colorado allows 5G in residential areas.

More questions I thought of after I left the forum:

• Verizon has said objects like foliage can interfere with 5G wavelengths and make the signal less effective. There are a lot of trees in Aspen. How will this be addressed?

• Each cell location will require power and fiber optic. What will the construction look like, will the fiber optic installation require trenching to each cell location? How will this be implemented in the core, down Main Street, in residential areas?

You can find arguments on both sides of the issues, yes and no to health effects, consistency of speed, interference caused by trees, foliage, buildings, glass, concrete, etc.

It would alleviate a lot of concerns if more time could be taken to taken to truly understand the impacts of this technology. Have the cities that have rolled out 5G provided concrete information as to health effects, benefit to the community, impacts of installation?

The city of Aspen is not going to stop or slow the installation of 5G; the public forum was to address aesthetics.

Please visit if you want information on how to contact your elected officials to create new legislation for installation locations, to slow or stop 5G.

Jensue Hawks


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