More lo blows |

More lo blows

The following letter was written in regards to Aspen Daily News writer Lo Semple’s Oct. 12 column.

OK, enough already.

First of all, you need to start acting like you have done this before (skiing, that is; not writing … well, maybe that, too). Saturday’s piece was adequately well-written, but it had the tone of someone who just arrived here for their first ski season in Colorado; perhaps someone who honed their skiing skills at some nondescript, small mountain back in Maine for a season while living in a van after recently dropping out of Denny’s nutritional recipe development training program.

Secondly: your admission — “I know how to ski fairly well.” Since this is literally true and widely recognized locally, people will read it literally and not in the self-deprecating way you intended. If you actually meant it this way, good on you! It may be the start of a worthy journey into self-realization. If not, I worry what the fallout germinating in circles of Snowmass nightlife will do to your psyche.

And, before you get too worked up about this critique, please realize that I am half joking. Maybe only a quarter. Alright, I’ll be honest: I am totally serious.

Roger Marolt

Snowmass Village

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