More ideas to make Aspen better |

More ideas to make Aspen better

I applaud the city’s goal of making downtown streets safer. The addition of a counter-flow bicycle lane on the 200 south block of Galena Street is good, but comes at the cost of lost public parking. Making the 500 east block of Hyman Avenue one-way west opens up opportunities to offset that loss with angle parking on both sides. Bicycles do not need to be prioritized on every single block. Think Main Street.

Mini nature parks also make streets safer. The two I have proposed do that. Making Cooper Avenue in front of Mezzaluna one-way east, joining the flow of the 500 east block, creates more opportunities for parking, alfresco dining, bicycle racks (we need more), autonomous vehicle pick-up/drop-off spots (they are coming), and nature.

Yes, nature, because nature calms traffic, especially when you raise it up 2 feet and put it pretty much in the middle of the westbound lane mostly in the unused no parking here to corner pavement wasteland on the north/west corner of Spring and Cooper because you know you are not driving through a two foot wall. And make it pretty. Obviousness equals predictability, which equals safety, and just for fun get a bunch of gorgeous butterfly and hummingbird friendly xeriscape flowering perennials from High Country Gardens. Consider adding some discreet botanical labels for the curious.

Tom Mooney


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