More effort needed to solve Aspen traffic, parking issues

Another summer season has gone by with a lot of talk about Aspen’s traffic and parking problems, with no viable solution made. The solution is really not that difficult.

First, we simply cannot solve anything as long as our entrance consists of a one lane road that passes through a roundabout with a 10 mph speed limit serving three roads. We need to have an under/over pass providing unobstructed traffic flow.

Second, we have to deal with our geographic reality. There is simply no place in Aspen for significant parking — as a matter of fact any proposed plans seeks to reduce parking spaces. Also, it is impossible to widen the existing bridge and roads into Aspen without condemning homes along the roads.

Like it or not, the only feasible solution is to provide entrance roads through the Marolt Open Space. It would be feasible to have a one-way, two-lane road into Aspen, with the existing roads becoming two lanes one way out. It also would be feasible to provide lots of parking which would be far closer and desirable than the present Brush Creek or Buttermilk lots. Shuttle service also could be provided. That would reduce traffic and parking and enable improvements that would beautify the city. I know many people want to preserve Marolt, but it’s either do what’s suggested, or continue unacceptable traffic and parking conditions.

Its time to stop talking and adopt a solution.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village