More compassion, fewer conspiracies

I’ve seen and heard comments recently that promote the foolish idea there is some kind of conspiracy to up the count of deaths from COVID-19 by not reporting contributing health issues.

What is being missed is the difference between a primary and contributing cause of death. No one is making a secret that people with health issues are killed by the virus more easily; this is continually reported in the media, so it’s a tough row to claim that is being hidden. The common flu does the same and this also is known. Yet we still count flu as a primary cause of death with no complaints from anyone. An underlying condition that contributes to death is not the primary cause of death.

Ask yourself, would the person be dead today without the virus infecting them, which added stress to a fragile system? The answer being obviously no, so the answer is simple. Yes, they died of COVID-19. Now let’s assume your aging parent/grandparent, your child who is immune compromised, a cancer patient friend on chemotherapy — any of them dies after contracting the virus. How will you regard this? “Well, my kid was going to die anyway the virus just helped.” “The chemotherapy gave my friend more life; the virus just ended that.” “Mom probably only had 10 to 15 years in her, so no big deal.”

This unthinking, self-serving, entitled illogic makes me sick. I urge you to think for the love of whatever you value in life what you are saying. Another’s life can be measured by you as unworthy of survival, protection, medical attention, staying home and wearing a mask outside for a finite period. This is a very small step away from promoting another holocaust but directed at an age group and at the weaker part of society. I am not even Jewish and this possibility sickens and deeply offends me. I ask all of you who may think this way to think much harder.

Look into what your idea of personal integrity is. I hope you will come to the conclusion that this opinion is not on any moral high ground. And please people let go the conspiracy theories for now; they fill your mind with mad ideas.

Peter Grannis