More bus hubs in the valley |

More bus hubs in the valley

I no longer take the bus because I am retired. I did take the bus from Basalt to Aspen from 1989 to 1999 and from Glenwood Springs from 1999 to 2019 — 30 years, four to five days a week.

I have some thoughts on how to get people out of their cars and take the bus. First, there is not enough parking in Glenwood at the 27th St. Station, and with the construction by WalMart I have no idea where people are parking. If there was parking across the street from the bus stop, I could understand the underpass like in Basalt, but as it is now the underpass is a huge waste of money. There are crosswalks and lights for the 10 people a day who might cross there.

A transportation hub would be excellent, and since Safeway has vacated it would make an ideal place for people to park and use many amenities in the building. Decent bathrooms, food vendors, computer stations and other shops. Maybe one in Carbondale, also.

Roaring Fork Transportation Authority has some planning in the works that needs more exploration, and I sure hope the railroad right of way is not still being considered. Faster through Glenwood is not the answer.

I think a real express bus to Aspen from Glenwood with stops in Carbondale and Basalt excluded would help. Actually before BRT or VelociRFTA (whatever you want to call it) there was an express to Aspen, but that got thrown out with more buses on the schedule. It should be added back for at least one time in the morning.

One more thought on traffic and congestion on 82 going into Aspen: no cars past the intercept lot or the parking lot on the east side of the airport without a special permit. It’s the smallest big city in the country. It is so pedestrian friendly, not like Glenwood. We live in the most beautiful valley to commute in. Enjoy the scenery.

Kendall Christianson

Glenwood Springs

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