More action, less preaching |

More action, less preaching

I find the virtue signalling and lecturing about wearing masks by Aspen’s hoards of Walking Woke bemusing, especially given the eight studies I have read that are at best inconclusive on the efficacy of donning masks to control respiratory diseases.

I maintain the reason that most Americans shrug off the discomfort and mortality rate related to the seasonal flu is that we believe we have some measure of “control” over the disease if we choose to get an annual flu shot, regardless of its efficacious value.

I suspect the same goes with wearing a mask; by doing so, many of us feel a little more in control of our health in the face of a deadly pandemic. And of course there is the virtue signalling aspect that no neo-liberal worth her BLM bumper sticker, carbon credits and Birkenstocks can resist.

Here’s how my wife and I virtue signal: We joined the clinical trial for the Moderna mRNA-1273, P301 COVID-19 vaccine. I contacted the Lynn Institute in Colorado Springs two weeks ago and made an appointment for myself. My wife and I drove down on Wednesday, and they gladly welcomed both of us into the trial. The whole process took about three hours and included a free COVID-19 test along with a blood draw and a simple physical. We were both injected with something; the chances of getting the vaccine vs. the placebo are 50/50. The clinical trial lasts two years and is “double-blind.” They even paid us $180 each for our time.

My point is simple. You can sit on your butts in Aspen and bemoan those who don’t act in ways you demand them to, or you can actually be part of the process that will most likely vanquish COVID-19. If you choose to be part of the solution, please call the Lynn Institute at 719-636-3784 to make an appointment. BTW, #KNFO All Lives Matter!

Russ Andrews


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