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Monster research

Roger Marolt’s “Monster” piece reminded me of my own encounters with Ted Bundy. He was charged in Aspen, but he was held pre-trial in the Garfield County Jail. Perhaps it was thought more secure than the Pitkin County Jail, though Bundy escaped from Garfield, too, through the ceiling light fixture in his cell. After his second escape, he was finally arrested in Florida for a rape-murder and was convicted and electrocuted there. He is thought to have used his charisma and good looks to entice, rape, kill and worse, as many as 11 other young women.

Bundy was a law student and was allowed to help his defense counsel Kevin O’Reilly with legal research in the Garfield Courthouse law library. This was back in the day when you looked up the law in books. The library did double duty as the jury room. Stacks of law books filled the room, leaving the jury’s table open in the middle. The Glenwood bar also used the library.

I was there a couple of times when Bundy was brought in. His evil aura flowed down the length of the 12 person table, even flooded back into the stacks. Though his handcuffs were removed so he could open a book and turn a page, his leg irons were left on, and when he’d go back to the stacks for another volume, his chain would drag across the linoleum floor. Try doing research with those distractions!

We soon learned to call the sheriff, to check Bundy’s research schedule, before heading to the library.

Bill Jochems