Mobility Lab won’t change drivers |

Mobility Lab won’t change drivers

I just read the “Aspen Shift mobility lab hits bump in the road” (Aspen Times, Aug. 21, 2018) article. Wow! $2.6 Million for this?

Sure some drivers may ride a bike during summer months but not during winter. They will drive soon as it gets cold.

Mayor Steve Skadron has been adamant that the S-curves — not a straight-shot through the Marolt open space — is his preferred entrance into Aspen. Nice to see the Mayor place his personal preference over the good of the people, at least the good of the working force driving into Aspen to service the Mayor and those living within the Castle walls.

“We want the people, just not the automobiles,” he said.

How kind of you. Then make parking at Buttermilk free again! More buses means finding more employees to drive them, and more vehicles merging into one lane at Castle Creek.

I always figured Aspen with all is money, ideas festivals, initiatives and more would be setting trends not dragging their feet and pissing away money on survey and studies. Drop a train line right down the middle of Highway 82, have buses service the towns and the few train stops. Build a two-lane entry and exit for automobile traffic and charge a lot for day parking. This cost will be passed onto those wanting homes built, remodeled and torn down. A retail worker can ride a bus, but it’s hard to get construction material, lawn mowers or dirt on that same bus. Hell, I have a hard time getting my bicycle on the bus some days. Americans love to drive, good luck changing that behavior!

John Norman


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