Mitsch Bush works for all her constituents |

Mitsch Bush works for all her constituents

With so much going on in the news last week, some of you may not have noticed that the U.S. House of Representatives voted to gut the Americans with Disabilities Act. This not only harms our disabled veterans, it also harms families with disabled children, those hurt on the job and the elderly. Rep. Scott Tipton voted in favor of this gutting — not a surprise considering he’s no friend of the needy. It’s time we have a representative that fights for and votes for the people in our district. We need a representative who will protect all our neighbors, not a representative that grovels at the feet of big campaign donors.

We as voters are currently in the process of interviewing candidates for a very important and difficult job: to be our representative in the House. As with any other job, we should be looking for experience, an understanding of what the job entails and a past track record of success. Being a legislator is a difficult job that requires an intricate understanding of how to craft and pass meaningful legislation with co-workers that benefits constituents. It requires an understanding of local government bodies, experience with avoiding bureaucratic red tape and a vast knowledge of past and current policy to inform a successful path forward.

Diane Mitsch Bush has worked tirelessly (and quite successfully) as an elected public servant for over a decade to help increase opportunities for all of her constituents, including our children, the disabled, and the elderly, just to name just a few. She’s listened to her voters, earned their trust and worked on the issues most important to them. On the other hand, her Democratic opponent, Karl Hanlon, brings no relevant experience to this job interview and, frankly, no indication that he’ll succeed while in office.

You wouldn’t hire an intern for an executive position in the company, so why is this any different?

Tricia Farrell

Glenwood Springs