Mitsch Bush works both sides of the aisle |

Mitsch Bush works both sides of the aisle

I found my ballot in the mail this week, which is a beautiful thing. I am writing in support of listening, compromise and in support of Diane Mitsch Bush.

She served as a Routt County commissioner, as a Democrat in a conservative county. The only way to do that is by listening to, compromising with, and serving your constituency.

Through listening and compromise, we all can find common ground and move forward as a community; whether that community is a family, neighborhood, town, county, district, state or nation. That takes compromise. Not a compromise of values, but a compromise of outcomes. I am happy to compromise my discomfort of wearing a mask, when required or prudent, in the interest of my own health and the health of those around me.

Her opponent, Lauren Boebert, is on the record as being “sick and tired of compromise’”as she has shown in her “past run-ins with law enforcement, food inspectors and tax bills.” (quotes from the Gazette). A legislator can’t possibly be effective with that attitude. Negotiating and compromising are job requirements.

Diane Mitsch Bush has a proven track record of effectiveness. Diane even earned the endorsement of Republican Russ George, our former Colorado speaker of the House, because of her track record of listening to her constituents and colleagues.

Vote for Diane Mitsch Bush. She has the experience to listen to our diverse CO-3 and find compromises that will represent us.

Patrick Fagan