Mitsch Bush will work for us |

Mitsch Bush will work for us

The political season is upon us. One does not need to look far for an issue that most closely affects us. Issues may be local, state, national or international issues, but the impact is personal. If we are to support the democratic (small d) concept of participation and community well-being based on involvement, we have no choice but to be involved. It is easy to identify issues and concerns, and most of us can invent a simple solution to the problem, but only a few can turn issues and concerns into a resolvable concept and move toward cooperative resolution for the benefit of our society.

The 3rd Congressional District of Colorado (elected representative serves in Washington D.C.) represents one of the most diverse and sensitive districts in Colorado. Its environmental, social, economic, recreational, historic and community interests require care and attention. The balance required in decisions regarding these issues is critical.

As you fill in your ballot, consider these issues. Who is most familiar with the complexities of the entire district? Who recognizes the issues and the interrelationship of concerns? Who can envision a resolution and create a plan for its implementation? Who has the perseverance to move an issue forward by working with all involved?

Who has the years of involvement in public service, the ability to put the political puzzles together, the required research skills, the personal relationships, and the skills of negotiation?

Diane Mitsch Bush has these skills. She understands those of us who enjoy a sense of place in our western slope world, and she will work with us as she sits in our House of Representatives in Washington D.C.

Mark your ballot for Diane Mitsch Bush. She will work for us.

Dorothea Farris