Mitsch Bush will get to work

After reading an endorsement of Lauren Boebert, I decided to look at her campaign website to find out her stance on various issues. Apparently she’s a “swamp drainer” like President Donald Trump. Does she hope to make as much money off of the taxpayers as he has? Is global warming a hoax, or just COVID-19?

Her site is full of patriotism and love of the Constitution. Will she support tearing it up as the current occupant of the White House has? Maybe there’s a reason that the conspiracy group QAnon endorses her. We don’t need another divisive politician in Washington!

Diane Mitsch Bush had gained a reputation for pragmatism, working across the aisle for the needs of her constituents while she was in office. Some of the awards she won while in office are Legislator of the Year from Conservation Colorado (2017), from Rocky Mountain Farm Union (2015) and from Colorado Livestock (2015). The Colorado AFL-CIO has endorsed her currently. She’ll investigate the issues thoroughly to determine the best stance for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Diane Mitsch Bush will unite and work for all of us.

Mary Robertson