Mitsch Bush the smart choice for Colorado |

Mitsch Bush the smart choice for Colorado

I am a Democrat and I will be voting for Diane Mitsch Bush. Please don’t quit reading because of my admission. In these polarized times we need to come together as Coloradans.

I believe that we need to solve our problems, not demonize each other. I do not see Republicans as an enemy. They are my co-workers, friends and relatives. I believe that we all basically want the same thing. We want to raise our families to be good citizens. We want to be financially stable and save money. We want to have access to affordable health care. We want clean air and water. We want quality roads, bridges and transportation choices. We want a military that can protect us, but not at the expense of taking care of our elderly and poor. We want moral, caring leaders who inspire us instead of dividing us. We want common lands where we can enjoy our favorite outdoor activities and wildlife can thrive. We want our Congress members to be free from corporate influences and work for everyday people. We want a free press and to let the government work for the common good, not just for well-connected people. I believe that we need to have all races and nationalities working toward the common goal of these beliefs.

I feel Mitsch Bush will be a moderating force and will help serve as a check on the Republican dominated Congress and Executive branch of government.

Frankie Hannah