Mitsch Bush runs circles around Boebert |

Mitsch Bush runs circles around Boebert

If you aren’t familiar with our candidates for congressional representative, here’s a quick compare and contrast.

Diane Mitsch Bush is the adult in the room. She’s dedicated, whip-smart and has tons of experience as a county commissioner, state representative and state senator. She works across the aisle to get legislation done. She works for the people she represents. She’s a dedicated public servant — exactly the kind of person you’d want representing you in D.C.

Lauren Boeubert is a joke. She has zero experience, knows nothing about how government works, has no platform or plan other than guns and “freedom.” She’s refused to participate in candidate debates unless she’s given the questions in advance. She’s on the record as saying that she’s “tired of compromise.” Despite running as a law-and-order candidate, she’s had numerous run-ins with the law, failed to appear on two separate summonses, and failed to obtain a food service license at the 2017 Garfield County Rodeo where her pork sliders allegedly sickened 80 people. Etc.

The choice really is that stark. Please let’s elect an experienced professional who would represent western Colorado with intelligence and fairness: Diane Mitsch Bush.

Dave Reed