Mitsch Bush is who the 3rd District needs |

Mitsch Bush is who the 3rd District needs

There is only one person who has a possibility of overcoming the oil industry support of our current 3rd Congressoinal District representative and that is Diane Mitsch Bush. If we truly want across-the-aisle representation of the interests of the people of Colorado and the nation, we have only one choice: Diane. 2018 is the year of the women. Mitsch Bush and Cary Kennedy have a unique opportunity to insert a wholesome perspective into the health of our state and country. I consider Arn Menconi, the independent candidate, a friend and know what a straightforward person he is, but his running will dilute the vote and possibly keep us from electing Diane, a master legislator. Karl Hanlon is a masterful attorney that the industry could maneuver into being the democratic candidate. He would, however, have no chance of winning against our current, industry-friendly representative. I would ask both to back out for the good of the 3rd District. Diane is the only candidate with the experience, cred and record to face off with Scott Tipton and win. We might finally get a representative of the people, for the people and by the people.

John Hoffmann