Mitsch Bush is qualified and gets it |

Mitsch Bush is qualified and gets it

The ideal congressional representative should combine a wide knowledge of issues in our state, life experiences that help her understand the concerns of a public with diverse views, and an understanding of the political process.

Diane Mitsch Bush has all of those qualifications. Her opponent, Lauren Boebert, does not.

Ms. Bush has been a Routt County commissioner and served in the Colorado state legislature for 4 years. Her opponent has not even held an elective office in Rifle. Ms. Bush has lived on the Western Slope for over 40 years and understands the issues. In fact, her campaign website describes her plans on several topics, while her opponent has no plans at all to help solve problems this country faces. I support Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress because I believe she will listen to all her constituents, not just those she agrees with, and will use facts, not just emotion, to guide policy decisions.

Vickie Johnson

Glenwood Springs