Mitsch Bush has real plans unlike opponent |

Mitsch Bush has real plans unlike opponent

The citizens of the 3rd Congressional District need a principled, effective representative in Congress. Diane Mitsch Bush is exactly that person. A representative must be able to work with others, including those from the other party. She did this in the Colorado House. Her website clearly states her principles and what she will do for the citizens of Colorado: expand job opportunities, expand health care and make it more affordable, improve our economy as well as the environment, and more.

Her opponent’s website reads like a collection of naive bumper stickers: Liberty! Free markets! Energy! Oh, great. Where are the plans?

Rural Colorado has real problems and Congress can help. Problems can’t be solved by slogans or by someone who doesn’t listen, think them through and offer legislative solutions.

Real liberty includes having choices in affordable health care and education, decent job opportunities, affordable housing and a clean environment. These require action plans, not slogans.

In Congress, Diane will work to improve educational opportunities and lower student loan debt, to reduce health care costs (especially for prescription drugs), to fully fund the VA, to fund rural health clinics, to fight climate change, and more.

Colorado needs Diane Mitsch Bush in Congress.

Mike Simmons