Mitsch Bush has my vote

I support Diane Mitsch Bush for the U.S. Congress because she will work for the common good. Her support for public education and the expansion of public health care shows she puts people’s well being first on her agenda. Her support for and from unions is based on the research that belonging to a union, as her mother did while raising her, improves the economic and social outcomes of all union members, particularly women and people of color who are often treated inequitably without union representation.

I know how much our family income and health benefits improved when my husband joined the IATSE union while we were raising children. Supporting unions does not mean one is a political socialist. It means one supports the safety and well being of all workers, and fair access to good wages.

Diane understands the needs in rural communities. Her experience in the Colorado congress and as a Routt County commissioner during the last recession has prepared her to represent our rural area’s needs now. Please support Diane and vote for a healthier, saner future for us all.

Thank you.

Illène Pevec