Mitsch Bush has my vote |

Mitsch Bush has my vote

You cannot earn my vote by one-word, flashy terms that have no substance. I want a candidate ready to go to Washington with a depth of knowledge on the wide variety of important issues to the people living in western and rural Colorado.

Diane Mitsch Bush knows the intricacies of water and land use, and she understands the value of public lands and their importance to agriculture. Mitsch Bush has defined opportunities to lower our health insurance rates that are the highest in the country and lower our health care costs. She knows that protecting our air and water and reversing climate change are important to our economic future. She will work for Just Transition for our communities impacted by the downturn of the extraction industry.

Voting for Diane Mitsch Bush to represent our 3rd Congressional District means we will have someone in Congress working on solutions for our families and livelihoods. Diane Mitsch Bush will work with fellow Representatives to build policy that takes care of our needs for a stronger economy and work for a better future for all of us.

Paula Stepp

Glenwood Springs