Mitsch Bush a proven leader with history of collaboration |

Mitsch Bush a proven leader with history of collaboration

We in Western Colorado are facing a very important election — the 3rd Congressional District race.

The feisty Lauren Boebert sure knows how to throw some attitude! Her pistol packin’, no compromises, I make my own rules, thank you-style makes for dynamic and entertaining campaign stops.

I’ve been trying to imagine how Boebert’s approach might translate into effective leadership in Congress. Grandstanding on divisive hot-button issues is an easy way to stir up a crowd. Reconciling our differences is a more fruitful way to get things done in politics.

While Colorado and the U.S. face significant challenges, both are blessed with abundant resources to address those challenges. The path forward lies in shepherding those resources to address the problems at hand. In these polarized and divided times, we need someone with the experience and maturity to reach out to all her constituents, and to forge solutions that benefit all of us.

As a former Colorado state representative and Routt County commissioner, Diane Mitsch Bush has a long history of public service, a proven record of collaboration and a willingness to address the flaws in our political system. She doesn’t shy away from the hard work of understanding the issues and getting things sorted out.

If we tire of Boebert’s entertainment, it won’t be easy to switch channels to the dedicated leadership we truly need now. In these uncertain times, let’s elect the proven public servant — Diane Mitsch Bush.

Pat Kiernan