Missouri Heights won’t by cyclist-friendly with camp

For the avid cyclists going up Catherine Store Road, through Fender Lane and El Jebel Road (Cattle Creek Road from Wendy’s), you are about to be challenged!

Your safety on this route is in peril.

If the proposed Ascendigo development is permitted, this popular loop might soon become a thoroughfare for construction vehicles, delivery trucks, service carriers, and up to 450 added vehicles a day, many unfamiliar with these roads. The extra traffic from this (or future commercial developments) will be horrific.

This presents a real danger to you and those of us who live in Missouri Heights. There is no “share the road” credo with earth-movers and dump trucks. There is no shoulder on these roads, so a gentle pass around a cyclist is already difficult today. I envision a long line of cars, impatiently trying to see around a truck and then encountering a cyclist. This is not safe!

Please join us as we oppose the application to allow the Ascendigo ranch development. Your voice is as valuable as those of residents here. You stand to lose a beautiful and well-loved cycling loop. More information on how to oppose locating Ascendigo in Missouri Heights is available at the Keep Missouri Height Rural website.

Sue Craver

Missouri Heights