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Missouri Heights residents don’t deserve this

Ascendigo can not be a good neighbor.

I am so glad we made the decision to sell our home on Fox Run Drive in Carbondale and move. The propaganda emanating from the supporters of Ascendigo is suggestive of the propaganda emanating from Moscow that Russia is a good neighbor of the Ukraine.

Had we remained on Fox Run, we would have been 1,000 feet from Ascendigo, but in a different country (Eagle). The primary roads to the site, Cattle Creek Road up from El Jebel and Fender Road, are in Eagle County, not Garfield where Ascendigo is located. They are in poor contrition today. They will be in worse condition after the construction and unsafe for all during and after construction. Garfield County, though, has no reason to worry about the condition of the roads. Sadly, there will likely be accidents, but the members of Ascendigo Autism Services seem to care little.

Water too will likely be a problem. Evidently the proponents have not heard of global warming. Water is already scarce up in the heights, particularly in years with low snowfall. The experts on weather do not predict a return to the years of heavy snowfall. The proponents, though, fail to understand this. Like Vladimir Putin, they seek to drive their ill-conceived proposal though just as he seeks to take more of the Ukraine.

I feel so sorry for our friends who remain on Fox Run and other areas of Missouri Heights. They do not deserve the invasion by outsiders that is coming.

Philip Verleger


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