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Missouri Heights group grateful for Ascendigo application denial

On behalf of the Keep MO Heights Rural nonprofit organization and its supporters, we are extremely grateful to Garfield County Commissioner Mike Samson and BOCC Chair John Martin for voting to deny the Ascendigo Property Holdings change in land use application, and we want to take this opportunity to thank them publicly.

The commissioners all took the time to listen and understand the complex issues that Missouri Heights residents were highly concerned with, and by voting to deny the application for a land use that would be incompatible with the surrounding neighborhood and environmentally inappropriate, the BOCC protected the rights and best interests of Garfield County’s citizens and the citizens of neighboring Eagle County.

An overwhelming number of residents of Missouri Heights made their voices heard to protect the rural character of this very special place and its sense of community. We can now move beyond this divisive issue. We support and wish Ascendigo luck in finding a more suitable location for its very worthwhile initiative.

Karen Moculeski

President, Keep MO Heights Rural