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Missouri Heights crash terrible accident for everyone involved

This past week you have published multiple articles regarding the tragic accident that happened in Missouri Heights. While I appreciate you shining light on the other kids involved, I feel that you have villainized Jesse Lloyd. I would like to take this opportunity to better introduce Jesse to our community.

Jesse was born and raised in this valley, he currently attends Basalt High School, and is just weeks away from graduating. He plans to attend college in Denver this fall and is interested in studying landscape architecture. He is an avid skier, camper and a passionate artist, who expresses himself through paintings that he creates for his friends. Jesse is a loyal friend, brother, son, uncle and grandson, who is regularly found at his grandmother’s helping around the house. His friends describe him as having the “biggest heart,” which I can attest to. I have had the honor of knowing Jesse since the day he was born, and the privilege of watching him grow into the mild-mannered, thoughtful and loving young man that he is today.

This was such an incredibly tragic event, one that deeply saddens us all. It also was an accident, a terrible accident but an accident nonetheless. It is important to remember that Jesse was with his friends and classmates that night, he was a part of that terrible accident and also is mourning the loss of one of his friends.

Kenzie Houpt

Glenwood Springs