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Mission impossible for the Wheeler Opera House

Although I am a member of the Wheeler Opera House advisory board, this is strictly a personal opinion and is not the opinion of the board or the Wheeler.

The mission statement and the adjunct goals for the Wheeler are like throwing spaghetti at the wall. It’s an everything list. Everything lists are not mission statements.

Kennedy didn’t say we’re going to the moon to beat the Russians and build robots and computers and unify the planet in one event on one day. No, Kennedy said we choose to go to the moon and other things “not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Now that’s a mission statement.

Mission statements are more than aspirational — more than motivational; mission statements should embody the best possible character of those launching the mission.

The Wheeler? “The mission of the Wheeler Opera House is to monitor and ensure the preservation and viability of the historic venue and its property through exceptional performance experiences for residents, guests and performers, and to support the cultural assets of the Roaring Fork Valley.” Exceptional world-class performances at affordable prices and a meeting space, and an educational space, and a rental space, and sustain the historical building, and, and, and …

When you try and chase everything at once you chase your tail — in one spot — spinning into butter.

“Arena Stage’s vision is to galvanize the transformative power of theater to understand who we are as Americans.” Now that’s a mission.

Ziska Childs