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Missing: safety studies supporting 5G

There are about 38 cities, counties, states and countries that have either banned, rejected or put a hold on 5G installation until its safety can be proven.

Some installations have been removed because the health impacts have been so devastating.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is leading a legal team that is suing the FCC. He claims that the FCC decided to decline to review its own guidelines. These guidelines were created to protect the health of humans in 1996.

Since 1996, there has been overwhelming evidence about the negative impact wireless technology has on our health. The FCC has maintained these guidelines without regard to health and safety. This has allowed for the uncontrolled spread of wireless technology. It also has not reviewed these guidelines in spite of the mounting new evidence.

Another lawsuit has been filed against the FCC. This case is exposing a multibillion-dollar fraud committed by the telecommunication companies.

Another decision in favor of the public deals with 5G installations which ignored EPA regulations and procedures. These installations of 5G may be illegal because environmental and health regulations were not followed.

In Colorado there is an effort to reverse the law which removes the rights of communities to have jurisdiction over the installation of wireless technology.

Some people still believe the lie that there is nothing that can be done.

Others feel that they need to research 5G.

Here is a time-saver. Just look for safety studies.

Hint: There are no safety studies supporting 5G!

Tom Lankering


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