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Missing Bob Braudis

In the late ‘70s or early ‘80s, Aspen Police Department Chief Marty Hershey contacted me to tell me of a plot by local kids to stage an armed robbery of my liquor store, the Grog Shop, in a few days. This newly arrived cop from New York City envisioned an OK Corral shootout and instructed me to 1) not tell any of my staff and 2) let the holdup proceed and “Wyatt Earp” would round up the perpetrators outside the store after. He refused to consider any other scenario.

After several sleepless nights worrying about collateral damage to my staff, I contacted Bob Braudis, who finally convinced the chief that, while prosecution would be harder by arresting the kids before the crime was committed, there was less risk of injury to staff and customers.

I have been and always will be in Bob Braudis’ debt and will miss him. RIP.

Tom Iacono

Tucson, Arizona