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Misconceptions about Grand Junction

I find it unfortunate that columnist Sean Beckwith does not possess either the skill or the awareness to prove his point regarding “Logo-gate” without having to disparage another community, about which he likely knows very little. As a brand-new transplant to the Roaring Fork Valley working in Aspen, I have been nervous about fitting in, especially because I just relocated from (gasp) Grand Junction. While Beckwith makes a solid argument in support of local artists while similarly expressing frustrations about the city’s use of funds for a logo, his stab at a beautiful and close-knit city he has maybe driven by once or twice leaves him looking as out of touch and entitled as the city councilors he is rallying against. I’m aware that there are many misconceptions about “Junktown,” just as Aspen is often unfairly painted as a town full of snobs. In this case, however, the snobbery proves true. Way to make a girl feel welcome, Mr. Beckwith.

Charlie Blackmer