Mill levy unclear |

Mill levy unclear

The Crown Mountain board of directors is once again asking for a mill-levy increase. One may recall several years ago when the board asked voters for a mill-levy increase of 5 mills for a proposed recreation center of more than 63,000 square feet, which was soundly defeated by the voters. This time they are asking to triple their current mill levy to support operations without either ballot wording to guarantee how the funds will be used or a sunset clause to allow the voters to decide whether the annual amount is well spent or warranted.

I understand the need for additional monies to adequately maintain the park’s grounds and facilities and would support a reasonable tax increase. However, a perpetual annual windfall estimated at $695,000 seems well beyond the funds needed to accomplish their current goals. We voted in Katie Schwoerer to ensure accountability on the Board. She has served us wisely and voted against this proposed tripling of the mill levy, asking the same questions regarding the wording of this ballot initiative and accountability for those funds. We should vote this tax increase down now and encourage the Board to work with the community to arrive at a more reasonable tax increase, including a sunset provision as well as a clear directive for the use of the requested funds.

George Newman