Milias spits on Aspen workforce |

Milias spits on Aspen workforce

The weekly anti-working class, ageist rantings and zealous defense of Aspen’s wealthy residents by Elizabeth Milias (“The housing fix is in,” commentary, Jan. 2, 2022, The Aspen Times) are, at best, tone-deaf and, at worst, utterly shameful.

She is an outspoken and vitriolic critic of our city government, and her greatest ire is aimed at Aspen’s subsidized or deed-restricted employee housing programs. For New Year’s, she outdid herself by proposing a solution to what she thinks is Aspen’s biggest crisis, an “aging workforce.” This solution began with a distasteful but unsurprising caveat, saying “If the community chooses to house retirees…” Why is this posed as a question? According to Milias, people are either worker bees who should only be allowed short-term rental housing but dare not put down roots and become part of the community, or they have the wealth to buy into the multimillion-dollar Aspen real estate market.

A conscientious middle-class worker who has contributed meaningfully for decades and has raised a family that is now an integral part of the local community shouldn’t be allowed to live out their retirement in the home they purchased — and if they have the poor taste to stick around, be sure to take away their kids’ bedrooms — those are a wasteful luxury and must be used to house transient workers. She goes so far as to mock families and future retirees, calling us covetous entitled denizens of the broken employee housing cesspool. Disgraceful.

Tersia Ernst


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