Milias column reeks of elitism |

Milias column reeks of elitism

While I was reading the opinion page this morning, I had to look at the calendar a few times (“The housing fix is in,” commentary, Elizabeth Milias, The Aspen Times.“ For a moment I wandered if I slept through all the way to April 1, the Fools’ Day, and I was reading Aspen Daily Planet.

But it was not. Elizabeth Milias means it: The local workers should not be allowed to become part of the community, raise families, become sophisticated and, God forbid, get to play golf at the municipal course. Those workers must never reach a status of the middle class because that turns them into greedy, entitled, not wanted to work part of the population, who, according to the author, should not have the right to vote.

This is in the midst of the pandemic while locals are working seven days a week to accommodate the unprecedented numbers of guests. The right thing to say is thank you and happy new year to all who keep this town running.

PS: I miss Glenn Beaton a lot.

Ksenija Ilic