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Midvalley can’t handle high-density development

I found Auden Schendler’s letter in the Aspen Daily News on Feb. 2 very contradictory. He hates New Jersey and what it offers, but wants to duplicate it here in the Roaring Fork Valley.

When Auden promotes dense development in the valley he has not taken into account the water shortage it will cause, and the amount of trash that will be accumulated by a massive increase in population. The Pitkin County landfill is just about at its capacity now. The trash would have to be exported by trucks and that would increase taxes and add to our already congested highway.

The town of Basalt is doing a great job at providing employee housing. Willits finished their affordable-housing units, and Real America Apartments will be opening to tenants this month. Additional affordable-housing development has already been approved and is in the works.

The build out of the Community Development Corp. property as shown in the sketch by Nick Aceto is overkill for what the Basalt community wants. It does not take into consideration that this property is all landfill and flood plane.

Where are people going to park their cars?

The citizens desire is to have a community park with limited development on the Community Development Corp. property.

Aceto’s sketch is an example of Auden’s support for architects and developers, and not for the constituency he is suppose to represent.

We don’t want a little Central Park like New York City!

Patrice K. Becker