Mick the smart choice for our county assessor

With over $34 billion of property value in Pitkin County, the position of county assessor is extremely important. It is the responsibility of the assessor to locate, identify and appraise all locally assessable property subject to ad valorem taxes. The Assessor’s Office has no jurisdiction or responsibility for area budgets, tax rates or amounts of taxes paid. They neither collect property taxes nor set the amount of taxes due. Tax levies (which determine property tax bills) are set by the tax levying boards of the college, school, county, city, fire, metropolitan, water and sanitation districts. The assessor is accountable for the department’s budget, overseeing a professional staff of appraisers and reporting to the state.

As a county commissioner, I have sat in and had to decide over many taxpayer abatement hearings. Prior to these hearings, appellants presented their cases in front of a hearing officer. Mick Ireland served as one of our hearing officers for many years and was very successful in resolving property valuation disagreements, thus eliminating the further need for an appeal. Mick’s profession as a local tax attorney, combined with his record of overseeing the city and county budgets while serving as an elected official, speak volumes about his experience, his accountability and his integrity.

If you compare education, relevant experience and a dedicated record of public service, you will agree with me and vote for Mick Ireland as our next county assessor.

George Newman

Pitkin County commissioner